Haqim al Yuffar


Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Clan: Daeva (Asnam)

Functions: Vala

Apparent Age: 41


As Vala, Haqim’s voice holds the most sway in the covenant. He is in charge of the day-to-day business and alongside Rebekah, Haqim is the only one allowed to speak with Andraste. Adraste’s retreat from Kindred society worried him, but he managed to hold the Circle together.

Haqim follows a policy of tolerance and isolation. Since no covenant rules the others in Dubai, and the Sanctified have a very weak presence, the Circle is safer than in most Arabian cities. Their only rival is The Great Wheel, the alliance of Indian Kindred who set up along their turf. Their competition in slave trade as well as much as their differing beliefs caused the current Cold War between the two. It was Haqim who holds the Circle back now. Unwilling to lose power and status in Dubai, he is content to wait and see if the The Great Wheel manages emerge as a covenant or breaks without a common enemy to unite them. In this he differs from Rebekah. She is more aggresive and direct, at least when it comes to politics, while Haqim is more contemplative and patient.

Much to the chagrin of The Asnâm, Haqim takes up the same position towards The Nomad. He is unwilling to draw the ire of an elder and treats the turf war as an Asnâm-matter rather than a war with the Circle.

Haqim al Yuffar

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