Maysarah Nazari

The Warrior


Covenant: The Commonwealth of Carthage

Clan: Gangrel

Functions: Brother of the Commonwealth (none)

Sire: Sir James Alridge

Apparent age: 20s


Maysarah grew up in inhospitable circumstances in Cairo during the sixties. While Jacques isn’t one to pry into personal affairs (yeah right) he has taken note of Maysarahs background in crime. While Maysarah claims membership in the Commonwealth, he is anything but an active member as far as the ideals of the covenant are concerned, instead considering membership more of a social activity with his fellow Anubi. He seems surprisingly adamant and fervent in his religious duties, especially considering Jacques hasn’t specifically focused on showing him the way of his bloodline, instead leaving him in the capable hands of his sire. He considers himself a true warrior of the Jackal.

Maysarah Nazari

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