Michael Prendergast


Title: The Honorable Michael Prendergast, Earl of Radisson, Councilor, Commisioner and Secretary.

Covenant: The Invictus

Clan: Ventrue (Macellarius)

Functions: de facto leader of the Invictus


The circumstances of Michael Prendergast’s arrival in Dubai are well-known in Invictus canon. The why of his coming is a lot less public though. Why would a rich, ambitious and relatively young Gourmand go to such a far-flung place as Dubai? Sure, for the Macellarius Dubai is a feast, but Prendergast always seemed like he had more planned, like aims for a higher goal. His quick establishment of the primogen council, instantly going from a covenant without presence in Dubai to one with two of the most powerful elders, only proves this.

To most Kindred, especially those with a few years in their Requiem, Prendergast is a genial and shrewd negotiator. To neonates, he sometimes seems an arrogant and pedantic. He can be dismissive, but is usually far more on top of things than his counterparts in the other covenants.

Michael Prendergast

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