Rebekah Ben-David


Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Clan: Mekhet

Function: Haruspex

Sire: Andraste

Apparent Age: 56


Rebekah claims to be the sole Childe of Andraste and the only able to interpret her visions. Long ago, she and Haqim took charge when Andraste disappeared. Now Andraste is worshipped like some holy figure and Rebekah and Haqim are the undisputed leaders of the covenant. Haqim takes care of the day-to-day business, while Rebekah took charge of the spiritual matters.

As a Haruspex, Rebekah divines the course for the Circle. Neonates see in her a kind of prophet, maybe not in the same way that Andraste was, but still. Acolytes look up to her, to her knowledge of the supernatural. She sees signs in everything that happens around her and gives advice that sometimes only becomes clear after a long time. As a sharp contrast to this otherwordly oracle stands the Rebekah that deals with threats to the covenant. This Rebekah is a sharp negotiator, a fearful warrior and an inspiring leader. This is the Rebekah that most outsiders see: a fervent woman, fanatical in her devotion to the Circle.

Rebekah Ben-David

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