Yasser Mansour


Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: The Commonwealth of Carthage

Functions: Prime Minister

Sire: The Nomad

Childer: Faiza el Yasser, Isa el Yasser

Apparent age: 37


In live, Yasser was a leader of his village. Unlike many of the other leaders in his time, he was not a warrior. Yasser preached the way of non-violence. In peace, his village prospered. In the end, it would be Yasser’s pacifism that would be his undoing. While the other villages all had the men ready to take up arms at a moments notice, this village was trusting the goodwill of its neighbors. When its neighbors were to busy with their own wars, the monster struck. This creature had found a town which was completely unprepared for him, a veritable feast. He left Yasser for last en cursed him to live a life of violence for eternity.

In his first years as a vampire, Yasser was too afraid to go against The Nomad. It took a long time before he gathered the courage to tell the Nomad he wanted another (un)live. Not content with wandering from place to place, laying waste to all he came across, Yasser wanted to build a place for himself. A place where every Kindred could life without fear of overbearing elders, zealous hunters or other dangers. Yasser traveled throughout the Middle East before eventually settling in Dubai. Dubai, being a young city, could be molded into his utopia.

The ideal hasn’t become reality yet. While Yasser found allies in the Invictus when it came to structuring the city according to Kindred need, the old superstitions died hard. Still the elders cling to their outdated laws and customs, unable to see the new paradigms of modernity. Yasser, unlike Nomad, selected his childer with great care. He embraced Isa because she was the one most likely to help make his vision reality. When she had trouble adjusting, he reluctantly embraced her sister Faiza. In hindsight, that was the best decision of his unlife. As steward Faiza manages to exert a calm control over the Carthians that Yasser never could.

As prime minister, Yasser leader of the Commonwealth in name. He’s the one who has contact with the greater Commonwealth. He’s the one chairing the many meetings the Carthians have. Yet it is the Frenchman who is accorded all the respect in Dubai. The Frenchman goes to the primogen meeting. The Frenchman deals with outside threats to the covenant.

Yasser doesn’t know why The Nomad is in Dubai. Frankly he could care less. The Nomad has shown not to have any interest in running the city or interfering in Yasser’s affairs. Yasser told his childer to stay far away from the Nomad and that’s what they’re doing.

Yasser Mansour

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