The Question of Arcadia versus Faerie, a speech given by Archmaster Aurem of the Mysterium.

When Archmages enter the Supernal, they become symbols. When they interact with the other symbols, they can change them, often without meaning to. Everything below the Supernal is defined by it.

Gods are just symbols of self-aware things; they think because they should think.

So, in our example. We have a group of Supernal symbols that we’ll call “The True Fae”. Because they exist, an Emanation Realm we’ll call “Faerie” also exists “below” them. Whenever they’re redefined, Faerie will change to suit.

So our Exarch-symbols stomp in and kill them all. Faerie ceases to exist. But wait! We clap our hands, and remember that these True Fae symbols have an optional at best relationship to time. So the Exarchs have/will/will have been/when/before kill/ing/ed them. So what? They keep coming back, and they’ve never been away.

And Faerie keeps coming back, and has never been away.

Our bullying Exarch-symbols exclaim “fuck it”, and head back/will head back/have headed back to the symbols of things they understand, like “important people drive history” and “everything falls apart”. You know. Symbols humans can understand. The four-fifths of the Supernal that has the good grace to be conquered after they’ve conquered it, rather than before or sideways, is good enough. There are even an infinite number of time-symbols that place themselves after the event. Good solid Time- and Fate- symbols that a person can get their head around. Not these stories.

Whenever the Exarchs attack the True Fae (and again, because of Time they’re always and never attacking them now, tommorow and yesterday) the True Fae get changed in the struggle, and Faerie gets changed as the Supernal symbols of Faerie alter. And this is why Arcadia is unknowable. It’s a great big smudge on your map, thanks to Time not really existing in that “part” of the Supernal. The Titanomachy, the Ascension War and the end of the world are all happening “at once”. Everything that’s ever happened, or ever will, to Arcadia already exists and has ended in Arcadia. The Old Gods of Thistle are incapable of interacting with linear time properly, because they ARE narrative time. If they could be MADE to, if someone managed to Ascend redefining the entire mess as being in the “past” and have that mean something, then they’d instantly have been killed. Good luck Sealing an Omen that says all stories have already ended, though.

There is no answer to the Arcadia question.
The answer to the Arcadia question is “yes/no/fnord/it was a dark and stormy night”.

Bloody Faeries.


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