There are three kinds of demons in the World of Darkness. The Goetia, the Dominions and the Imps and Wraiths of Pandemonium.

Pandemonium demons are possibly least deserving of their name. Not to say they’re not evil, they’re just not very malicious. They hurt and maim and kill because this is their appointed task. They force Mages to come to grip with themselves. They will always test a Mage and often fight them, but once the Mage wins, he wins. They have a place in this world, they don’t just chase their own indulges and desires.

Which is exactly the difference between Demons from Pandemonium and “True Demons”. The Dominions of Hell care about nothing but their own vices. A True Demon has no redeeming qualities, no place in the world. It’s thing of pure evil. This makes the similar to Goetic Demons.

Goetic Demons differ in origin from True Demons though. Goetia are the personification of personal darkness, summoned from the Mindscape of a mage. They are evil and promote corruption as their Dominion counterpart, but they still are creatures that have to be made and summoned.


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