On the position of bloodlines in Dubai

Many bloodlines have prominent places in Dubai. As Dubai became a safe haven, it seemed that whole families came to the city. The ease of feeding and the loosened masquerade allows leeway for certain bloodlines that doesn’t exist in other cities.

The Asn├óm are almost synonomous with the Circle. As fighter, leaders and slavers they are without equal. Their leader is Pazuzu, who doesn’t take an active part in covenant politics, but is still a power to reckon with. In Dubai they found a city where they can completely be themselves, where they don’t need to asquiesce to the demands of others.

The Macellarius set foot in Dubai for much the same reason, to live the life they want. They gluttonous demands can be filled without resorting to extreme secrecy.

The Morbus and the Children of Judas found solace in each other. Both are outcasts, even in Dubai. But no one notices new diseases among the already sick indentured laborers. And what are a few more suicides in a population in such despair as the working classes?

On the position of bloodlines in Dubai

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