Power Rankings

Ranking the mages:
1 – The Gate
2 – The Oracles (Gold Key, Iron Gauntlet, Stone Book, Lunargent Thorn, Lead Coin).
3 – The Archgenitors (The Eye, The Father, The General, The Unity). The Unity is the weakest of these.
4 – Lesser Seals (The Prophet, The Ruin, The Chancellor, The Psychopomp, The Nemesis, The Raptor). The Chancellor is the most of powerful of these and is looking to usurp the throne of The Unity.
5 – Other Ascended mages.
6 – The Exile/The Supernal Wind/The Lost Exarch.
7 – Arkhitekton restored. Note that while Arkhitekton isn’t Ascended, it is immensily powerful and would probably be able to Ascend if it wished (and got its limbs together again). If ascended, it would certainly be at the top of this list. If made whole, but unascended, it’s at still at the bottom of the list for its mortality, but not for its power.

The Most Powerful Spirits

7 Incarnae, Old Gods, Polydegmon, The Archangels (besides Metatron), Arch-Qashmallim, The Mirror At The End Of All Things
8 Luna, Helios, The Aeons, The Archdukes of Hell, Metatron
9 Gaia, Leviathan
10 The Adversary

The Seven Archangels of Aether

Michael General of the Host Fortitude
Metatron The Voice of God Hope
Raphael The Healer Charity
Gabriel The Messenger Faith
Uriel Angel of Vengeance Justice
Azrael Angel of Death Prudence
Seraphiel Angel of Silence Temperance

The Seven Archdukes of Hell

Astaroth Sloth
Asmodeus Lust
Mammon Greed
Beelzebub Pride
Satan Wrath
Belial Envy
Belphegor Gluttony

The Tribe Totems, The Firstborn

Fenris Destroyer Wolf Blood Talons
Huzuruth Dire Wolf Predator Kings
Sagrim Red Wolf Iron Masters
Kamduis Death Wolf Bone Shadows
Hikaeon Black Wolf Hunters in Darkness
Skolis Winter Wolf Storm Lords
Hathis Silver Wolf Ivory Claws
Gurim Rabid Wolf Fire-Touched

Power Rankings

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